The Different Types of Exterior Stone Siding

Exterior stone has been used for many years to compliment house sidings and is typical for houses in the Mediterranean region. Nowadays there are different types of exterior stones sidings ideas available for your home. In reality there are also methods that use “fake” stone. In this article we shall discuss some different types of exterior stone that can be used as home siding. 

Natural Stone

Natural stone exterior siding is one of the most expensive forms of exterior sidings. It offers high level of protection and almost no maintenance is required. Due to being real stone it will not be damaged from direct sunlight and so it won’t peel over time or loose its natural color. Natural stone is also strong enough to protect the interior of your house from natural elements. In this way you can combine beauty with proper protection. Natural stone is very heavy hence you would need to check whether you need any structural changes to hold its weight.

If you find that your house cannot support the weight of real stone, than you would have to strengthen the foundations. This may prove to be very expensive and labor intensive. Another important thing is that you have to hire experienced builders to do such work, thus increasing the costs. As you can see the main drawback of natural stone is the cost but on the other hand you cannot beat the beauty of natural stone. One tip is to try to skip the middle man and buy stone from a quarry. In this way you can get natural stone cheaper.

Natural Stone Veneer

As mentioned earlier, one of the disadvantages of using natural stone is its weight. Natural stone veneer is much lighter than natural stone. Natural stone veneer is normally 1 inch thick, which is 7 inches less than natural stone. Natural stone veneer also offers the same looks as natural stone but without the added cost of having to hire laborers to transport such a heavy material.

Faux or Manufactured Stone

This is man made stone. Faux stone is made out of concrete pigments. Nowadays many people opt for this type of stone look-a-like siding. With today’s technology, faux stone looks exactly like natural stone. It is not as expensive as natural stone; in fact it costs half the price of natural stone. Manufactured stone is much lighter than natural stone. Faux stone is also easy to install. This is due to the fact that since it is manufactured all the rough edges have been eliminated. Faux stone is a cheaper solution to natural stone but at the same time offers the same aesthetical looks of natural stone.   

As you can see there are different materials to use as exterior stone sidings. Try to strike a balance between quality and price. As mentioned before natural stone it very expensive but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have stone exterior sidings.