The Do It Yourself Hammock Stand

What You'll Need
2 inch by 4 inch by 6 feet boards (x 2)
2 inch by 4 inch by 8 feet boards (x2)
2 inch by 4 inch by 4 feet boards (x2)
3/8 inch Bolts, 6 inches long (8)
3/8 inch Washers (16)
3/8 inch Tightening Nuts (8)
Miter Saw
Measuring Tape
Carpenters Pencil

A hammock stand is often a necessity. After all, not everyone has two trees in the right place! Eye bolts attached to the ceiling of the porch is always an option, although not necessarily the safest one. A hammock that has been secured improperly is a dangerous hammock. This is why, rather than take any chances, many people choose to use a hammock stand. Hammock stands are strong, fairly lightweight and generally easy to move around. And, you can put up a material or rope hammock just about anywhere--in the shade, out of the shade, next to pool. With one of these stands, the backyard is yours! Another great thing about a hammock stand? Leaving your hammock out in the rain is not a good idea, especially if it is a quilted hammock. With a stand, if you see a storm brewing, just pick it up and move it into a sheltered area. No untying or retying necessary!

      Step 1 - Preparing the Center Boards

      Using the mitre saw, cut a 30 degree angle at one end of both of the 6 foot boards. With a carpenter's pencil, mark 1 foot from each end of the 8 feet boards.

      Step 2 - Placing the Center Boards

      Place one of the eight feet boards on a flat surface. Place the angled end of one of the 6 feet boards onto the 1 foot mark on the eight feet board. The boards should be angled in an outward direction. Then place the angled end of the other 6 feet board on the mark at the opposite end of the eight feet board. Again, the angle should face out. You should be looking at boards shaped in the form of a ‘V’. Then place the last 8 feet board over the top.

      Step 3 - Secure the Center Boards

      Drill two holes in each end, and two holes where the three boards connect. Secure the boards together, using the 3/8 inch bolts, washers and tightening nuts. Place a washer on each end of the bolt.

      Step 4 - Assembly

      Measure the center of both 4 feet boards. Place ends of the 8 feet ‘sandwiched’ boards at the center points. The 8 feet board must have the two four feet boards attached, at each end, to make a base. Drill two holes, through each of the 8 feet boards, at each end. You will have a total of four holes, two on each end. Attach both ends of the 8 feet board both, using the 3/8 inch bolts, washers, and tightening nuts. Place a washer on each side. You now have a hammock stand that is stable and will hold approximately 200lbs!