The Durability of Tile Floors The Durability of Tile Floors

If you are wondering about the durability of tile floors, just imagine visiting Greek and Roman sites and ruins, to see the long surviving and intact floors made of tiles a few thousand years ago. If you consider that since then technological advances in the manufacturing of tile floors, you can understand that their durability is even greater. Tile floors can be the right choice for any home that has kids, pets or simply owners who want a durable and elegant flooring solution.

Tile Flooring Varieties

Tile flooring is a very popular choice in bathrooms and kitchens, because it is very durable and can hold up really well to spills. In Europe, it is probably the top flooring choice for numerous people, who install it througout the entire house. Beyond its durability, another great characteristic of the tiled floors is the variety in colors, sizes and styles. It can offer a perfectly natural look and add a touch of elegance to any room. Dark or light colors, earth and smooth tones, or patterned tiles can make a huge difference in any space.

Different Types of Tiles – Durability

Although tile flooring is considered among the most durable, there is a classification and gradation to the durability of different tile materials. Tile flooring can be made of many different materials, including natural stones, glass, ceramic or porcelain. The strength of these materials is ranked in grades depending on their durability and strength against scratching and wear.

For instance, glass tiles can be susceptible to cracking, while ceramic tiles are considered more durable. Linoleum and granite are among the top ranked durable materials. Especially when it comes to granite and marble, these floors are extremely durable and elegant at the same time. They can withstand wear and tear and they are not affected by heavy objects, pressure and possible scratching when moving furniture.

Resistance Power

Tile flooring is also resistant to fire and water; the vast majority of tiles will not burn, except for some cheap versions of vinyl tiles, and will not emit toxic fumes. They are also moisture resistant, with high water repellency rates. However, you are not supposed to let water or other fluids pool on the tiles for days.


The only problem associated with the durability of tile floors is grout; tile flooring goes with grout and maintaining it in a pristine condition for many years is not that easy, however, you can seek for professional help and advice.


Tile floors are also relatively easy to maintain. Due to their durable materials, you can use almost all type of chemicals and detergents available on the market, since they cannot be harmed by chemicals. Of course, when it comes to natural stone, such as granite or marble, you are not supposed to use many chemicals because their original shine might gradually start fading off. Tile flooring can be easily cleaned with mopping and sweeping.


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