The Durability of Wood Drawer Slides

Wood drawer slides are one of the oldest drawer slide styles used and for good reason. While they do not provide the same level of smooth of operation that metal ball bearing slides provide, wood is durable and can bear more weight.

Type of Wood

The number one factor affecting the durability of wood drawer slides is the type of wood which is used. Soft woods such as pine should be avoided for slides. Soft woods are more prone to wear with use and they can't support as much weight. Oak is the wood of choice for durable slides that can bear the greatest weight load while resisting wear.

Protecting the Wood

Wood drawer slides which lack any type of protection are more prone to wearing out. The use of a smooth varnish such as a stain or a sealant can bolster the durability of wood drawer slides by allowing the drawer to slide more easily while protecting the wood from warping caused by water and humidity.