The Easiest Ways To Conserve Electricity The Easiest Ways To Conserve Electricity

Lots of people appreciate the need to conserve electricity especially after being forced to part with hefty sums in the form of bills. Your bid to conserve electricity need not be so complicated—it basically involves you doing things that reduce electricity consumption. There are several ways of doing this, and these will definitely see your bill take a dip the next time round.

The following are some of the easily applicable strategies that you can adopt in your home:

Use Your Electrical Appliances Efficiently

Home appliances need not consume so much electricity, especially when they are efficiently used. Always make a point of buying appliances that bear the Energy Star label. These are recognized for being both energy conserving and low in pollution. All your appliances should be just enough to manage your needs.

Only use your dishwasher when it is full of dishes. If it comes with an energy saving mode, use it to air-dry the dishes. Resist running your washing machine on the hot water setting and use the warm and cold water settings instead.

Refrigerators are some of the highest electricity consuming appliances in the home. A considerable amount of electricity can be conserved if you use the energy saving option. Set the freezer temperature to 3 degrees and have the refrigerator’s temperature as close to 37 degrees as possible. A thermometer will help you do this. Also ensure that all the gaskets are in prime condition.

Heating And Cooling Your Home

Room heating or cooling should be done conservatively. Keep your thermostat at 78 degrees during the summer. In winter, have the thermostat setting at 68 degrees during the day and at 55 degrees at night. If you have hot–air furnaces and air conditioners you should regularly dust or replace spent air filters so that the machines won’t have to consume extra power in drawing in air.

Electricity Conserving Appliances And Practices

Make a point of replacing the conventional incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lamps. Whilst these lamps may cost a bit initially, they will only use a quarter of what ordinary bulbs consume and they’ll also last much longer.

Another way of conserving electricity is by installing low-flow shower heads which will use less hot water.

Water heaters are known to consume lots of electricity. You can make yours energy efficient by wrapping it up in an insulating jacket.

You can also take steps to insulate your house or apartment to ensure that the space is energy efficient. This will involve you sealing up air leaks around your windows and doors by using weather stripping and caulk.

Additional Home Improvements to Conserve Electricity

You can conserve some extra energy by replacing your conventional window panes with the more efficient argon-filled, double-glaze windows. These windows are much better at conserving gas, oil, and electricity heat.

Your house paint color should also complement your electricity conservation efforts. If you live in warm climates you should paint the house using light colors. Do the vice-versa if you live in cold climates. People living in warm climates should also plant trees for shade.



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