The Easy Way to Replace Locksets

What You'll Need
Measuring tape or ruler
Pencil and paper
Replacement lockset
Slot head and Philips screwdrivers

Replacing door locksets requires few tools and just a little time. Follow the procedure below to replace locksets the easy way.

Step 1: Get Lockset Dimensions

Measure the diameter of the rim on the door, and the distance from the door edge to the doorknob shank. Once you remove the doorknob, check if it is a cylinder or tubular lockset.

Step 2: Remove the Doorknob

Place the slot head of a small screwdriver in the doorknob shank slot. Turn it to release the shank button in the doorknob. The knob will twist off, taking the shank with it.

Step 3: Remove the Rim and Mounting Plate

With the slot head screwdriver, pry up gently under the rim to release it. Undo the 2 screws holding the mounting plate, and slide it off the lock mechanism.

Step 4: Remove the Locking Latch

You can unscrew the tubular or cylindrical locking latch cylinder by hand.

Step 5: Purchase and Install New Lockset

Take the old lockset and measurements to buy a new lockset. To install the lockset, put the locking latch cylinder into the door, and attach the mounting ring. Install the rim and shank, and attach the new doorknob, testing it for correct operation.