The Essence of Cape Cod House Plans The Essence of Cape Cod House Plans

Building a dream home and planning to replicate a piece of history by designing a home from a cape cod house plan can not only be a lot of fun but can teach you a thing or two about the houses that were built and stood the test of time. If you are looking for a cape code home plan, spend some time researching on the Internet. Visit homes when they are open for a local open house by a real estate agent or visit some of your area's new home builders and take a look at the styles of homes they construct. Here is what the essence of a cape cod home is all about!

History of the Cape Cod House Style

The cape cod style home came into being somewhere in the early part of the 18th century. English style homes were adapted for the New England Climate and weather changes. A gable roof was added and additional components to protect against the weather blunders were developed. The cape code style home is very popular in most New England States and has slowly been adapted across the country. 

Exterior Structural Elements of a Cape Cod Home

Cape cod house plans, at the most basic level, are built structurally speaking as a house with one and a half stories. The dormers on the front of the house are one of the main characteristics of this style of home. This type of home usually has very steep roofs and side gables that hang over the front and sides ever so slightly. You will usually find a cape cod style home built with a symmetrical shingle or roof shake. The exterior door is always at the middle of the home and the windows are flanked with pretty colored shutters. Modern features of this style home include attached garages and large sweeping porches or patios at the back of the home.

Interior Features of the Cape Cod House Plan

The cape code home usually boasts several fireplaces. Each fireplace is linked to one main chimney through the main portion of the house. Usually built as a traditional wood burning fire place, many homeowners are opting for an easier no fuss gas fireplace option.

A cape cod home is a formal home with a formal floor plan where the main entrance hallway is located in the center or middle of the home. The hallway invites you into the home and encourages any visitor to enter and be comfortable. The house itself usually boasts beautiful hardwood floors and cozy area rugs. At the top of the house, this home is crafted with gorgeous high ceilings usually flanked with great wide ceiling fans. Each of these component are added to show great comfortable living. Several bedrooms are located on the first floor and additional bedrooms and located on the second floor. The upstairs bedrooms have slanted roofline, consistent with the gable style roof. They make great bedrooms for children and great office spaces.

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