The Gear You Need To Complete Your Resolutions

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  • 1-4 hours
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  • 10-200
What You'll Need
Other goal-specific gear
What You'll Need
Other goal-specific gear

With the start of a new year often comes the start of resolutions. Start and stay strong by gathering the items you need to get going as soon as possible.

General Gear

They say a goal is just a wish until it’s written down, and writing your resolutions down is the best place to start when tackling any resolution—whether it starts on January 1st or not. As you start your resolution, make sure to write it down. You can bullet journal to keep track of your progress, or use a simple notebook. Find what works for you and stick with it. Your journal or notebook with be a place where you can write the resolution down, make a plan of action, make smaller, measurable goals that support your resolution, and keep track of all of your progress.

Calendars or planners are also essential goal-making gear. Finding a format that works for you is important. Not all planners are created equal, and not all calendars look the same, so figure out what formats work best for you before you buy one. The calendar or planner will work in conjunction with your notebook or journal to give you a visual way to stay on top of things. Set specific dates and times, write them on your calendar, and commit to keeping them. If you want to read a book each month, schedule time to read in your calendar every day. If you want to work out more, write down your goals and follow up by selecting a set time and writing that time in your planner every day.

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Use your phone to your advantage as well. Your smartphone has access to hundreds of goal-setting apps that can help you track progress, connect you with a support group, and even send you reminders. If a specific app isn’t really your speed, set alarms and reminders on your phone that match what you have written on your calendar. You can also let your tech connect you with other people as you form your own support group in the form of a group chat.

Any goal that you make will likely come with specific requirements and gear needs. Make a spot in your journal, planner, or notebook and list out all of the specifics before you dive into full resolution mode. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Health Goals

If you’re setting a health goal this year, start by getting specific with yourself. Instead of saying you want to be healthier, dive into the details. Do you want to improve heart health? Increase stamina? Learn a new form of exercise? Treat a specific mental health ailment? Learn to meditate? Setting a really targeted, specific goal will help guide you to your gear.

When setting health goals, you may need things like cookbooks, weights, workout clothes, a gym membership, a visit with a doctor or mental health professional, health-specific literature, fresh produce, a running buddy, or no-slip headphones.

Education Goals

If you’re setting a learning-related goal, you may already be a list person. As you make your list of supplies, get really specific. If you want to read twenty books this year, what twenty books do you want to read? If you want to learn about gardening, what type of gardening, and do you want to put your knowledge into action by creating your own? When setting an education goal, think about what you want the end result to be.

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Do you want to end up with a degree? You’ll need school supplies. Want to master knitting? You’ll need needles, yarn, patterns, possibly a teacher, and definitely patience.

Thinking outside the box is important too. You may need things like noise-cancelling headphones, a library card, a study buddy, a tutor, or lots of motivational treats to let you to your end result.

Spiritual Goals

Spiritual goals are often deeply personal, but that doesn’t mean supplies aren’t necessary. As you narrow in on what exactly you hope your resolution will do for you, you’ll begin to see what supplies you need.

Whether you want to connect with the universe on a deeper level, learn about a new religion, read a religious text, or center yourself with the earth carefully consider what gear will get you to your ultimate goal.

For spiritual goals you may need gear like podcasts, books, religious texts, meditation apps, a national parks pass, a car, a journal, a camera, art supplies or anything else that helps you express your feelings.

Relationship Goals

If building relationships is your goal, start in your calendar. Want to reach out to old friends? Set specific dates and times that you’ll send a text or write a letter. If you want to repair a relationship, your gear may look a little more like a visit with a therapist, a handful of self-help books, or lots and lots of I’m sorry flowers.

Gear you may need: Pen, paper, phone, baking supplies, access to a counselor, library card, or the online Five Love Languages course.

DIY Goals

No avid DIY-er can resist the call of a home improvement resolution. If you’re not so new to the DIY world, you know that before you tackle any project you need to gather all of your supplies or you may end up with homemade candles with no home to pour them in, or DIY soap that doesn’t have any suds.