The 2015 GMC DIY Challenge

This year was chosen to participate in GMC's first ever DIY Challenge that took place over a weekend in Los Angeles. Three teams went head-to-head to create an inventive piece of furniture and decor from reclaimed materials, bought at a local Habitat for Humanity reStore, that would later be donated to a family in need.

Team DoItYourself consisted of Brad Pennington, Jonny Hughes, and Gaetano Sciortino.

During this battle of the DIYers, teams didn't know which room they had to build for until right before they entered the reStore. With $500 to spend and only an hour to shop, teams had to be quick to make a plan and find their materials.

Only one team could come out on top, watch below to find out who won!

Want more? To create their project, our team had to deal with a lot of tiling and get creative to make their lighting fixtures. Get tips and tricks from Brad and Jonny about how tile like a pro and make your own outdoor lighting.