Identify Hot Water Heater Leaks

Telling if you have a hot water heater leak before the problem becomes big will save you money that you would otherwise lose on wasted energy. It may also spare you a few cold showers. Probably the biggest factor in leaking hot water heaters is age. Water heaters are durable, but usually are not built to last more than a decade. If you suspect that your hot water heater is leaking, take care of the problem sooner rather than later.

When a hot water heater leaks, it sucks energy from two different sources rather than one. Not only does it waste water by either physically leaking it from the tank or by never heating it in the first place, but it also wastes whatever power source is used to heat it. Whether that source is natural gas or electricity, you lose money.

Read below to discover some telltale signs of a hot water heater leak.

Interior Warning Signs

You should know the hot water heater’s age. If you know that your water heater is at least 8 years old, you have reason to be suspicious. If your electric hot water heater is 15 years old, you should start making phone calls to plumbing supply stores.

You will get the indication that the hot water heater is leaking first by noticing changes in the water that comes out of the faucets. Rust-colored water coming out of the hot water faucet is one sign.

If you begin to notice that the hot water is not as hot as it should be, you have observed another sign. Running out of hot water quicker than your home should or ending up with a cold shower can be two other indicators.

Exterior Warning Signs

If you have started noticing signs while taking showers or simply running the hot water, go and look at the water heater itself. If you see water pooling up around its base or even a small drip coming from it, you should probably consider replacing your water heater soon.