The Importance Of An Adjustable Desk Chair

Having a comfortable work station is imperative to a productive day at work, and it depends on several factors. However, the most important factor in creating a comfortable work station is the use of an adjustable desk chair for your desk. Having an adjustable desk couldn’t hurt either, but these are considerably more costly than an adjustable desk chair. When used properly, these chairs are fantastic for alleviating stress and aches that are common after sitting for an extended period of time.

One of the main problems associated with sitting for long periods of time is lower back pain. Lower back pain is usually a result of poor posture and can be exasperated by an improperly sized desk chair. Using a desk chair that is either too short or tall for your desk can cause serious back issues. By using an adjustable desk chair, you can customize the seat to your height. Ideally, your feet should be flat on the ground while your hands are even with the desk. Adjusting the backrest so that it firmly supports your lower back will also help.

Next to lower back pain, shoulder and upper back pain are the second type of discomfort you can experience by not using an adjustable desk chair. Fixed desk chairs don’t allow the user to adjust the height so that your arms are even with your desktop. This is the key to eliminating shoulder and upper back pain. A desk chair that is the incorrect size will force the user to either have to reach up or bend over to fully utilize the space of the desktop. For users that spend a great deal of time typing, having the correct sized desk chair is a necessity. Poor posture while typing will lead to a series of problems from carpal tunnel syndrome to severe back spasms. An adjustable chair usually comes equipped with adjustable armrests, which will ensure your arms stay properly supported while typing.

For people that spend the majority of the day at their desks, an adjustable desk chair is a must for a pain-free work day. Studies have shown that a comfortable worker is a more productive worker, so it only makes sense to use these chairs. The alternative, which is using an adjustable desktop, is far more costly than using an adjustable chair. Business owners can save money and increase productivity by using adjustable desk chairs for their employees.