The Importance of Grout Sealer

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Grout sealer is an important product that should be used after you have properly laid your tile. When you finish your tile with grout, you will notice that the grout is grainy and sponge-like in appearance. Grout looks this way because it is porous, meaning that it will absorb liquid. In order to reduce the porous properties of grout, apply a grout sealer.

Reduce Staining

Applying the sealer will reduce the effects and appearance of staining. You will never have to bleach stains.

Reduce Moisture

Sealing the grout will reduce the moisture penetration on the tiled surface. The sealant prevents moisture from lifting the tiles.That is especially important in rooms which are in contact with steam and humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Proper Maintenance

The benefits of sealing your grout are quickly diminished if you use harsh chemicals or detergents over the sealed surface. Ongoing maintenance with mild soaps and detergents is recommended.