The Importance of Using Tile Spacers

If you plan to undertake tile installations at home, be sure to obtain some tile spacers for your project. Spacers are small cross-like or T-shaped pieces of plastic, ceramic or wood which help you to space your tiles apart in equal distances. They come in various sizes, although most commonly used spacers range in width from ¼ to 3/8 of an inch. To use spacers, you need to lay 4 tiles at a time on the work surface. You place the spacers at the corners of each tile and then push the tiles together until they can go no further. Once you complete your tile installation, you can remove the spacers and save them for a future project. Spacers can help you to accomplish a well installed and attractive tile arrangement on floors, walls or countertops in your home. The importance of using tile spacers is outlined below.

Even Grout Lines

The size of your grout lines is determined, to a large extent, by the spacing between tiles. Even grout lines are created when tiles are laid in a grid. This is best achieved with the help of spacers which act as a reliable guide and give perfect symmetry to your project. Uniform grout lines contribute to an overall neat and proportional appearance of the installed tiles. Spacers also enable you to eliminate crooked lines and a sloppy appearance on tiled surfaces.

Uniformity of Tiles

A well installed tile project has a lot to do with accuracy. Spacers enable you to implement accuracy because they allow more precise alignment of individual tiles. When you install tiles, you want to make sure that the entire area is covered by tiles of the same size. You do not want tiles at the edge of the project area to be further apart than those used within. Uniformity in the space between the tiles contributes to a smart appearance overall. Spacers help you to achieve this uniformity due to the consistent distance that is maintained between the tiles.

Enhances Style and Design

You enjoy more flexibility in creativity with tile spacers. This is because you’re able to determine what width of grout line works best to achieve specific patterns. It enables you to accomplish your desired style and tile designs more easily. This creates a higher aesthetic appeal on tiled surfaces.

Faster Turnaround

Spacers enable a higher degree of accuracy during tile installations. You’re able to work faster because spacers eliminate the guesswork in tile placement. This saves you time and contributes to a quick project turnaround. Without spacers, you have to struggle to determine and maintain consistent measurements between tiles. This slows down your work and reduces your productivity.

Durability of Tiled Surfaces

If spacers aren’t used, there’s a likelihood of the tiles being too close together. This proximity increases the risk of damage should the tiles expand. Repairs due to dislodged or chipped tiles become less of a problem when you utilize spacers for tile installation. Spacers enable higher efficiency and give you a more secure surface. This contributes towards the durability of the constructed surface.