The Micro Cotton Rug - An Inexpensive Investment The Micro Cotton Rug - An Inexpensive Investment

The micro cotton rug has shown up as an inexpensive alternative for home decorators looking for an attractive, soft rug for their bathroom or kitchen. Cotton rugs are an easy way to make bathroom and kitchen floors warm and comfortable without breaking the bank.

What Is Micro Cotton?

Micro cotton refers to cotton processed in such a way as to make cotton fabrics out of the smallest measure of cotton fibers possible, while still maintaining the integrity of the cotton fiber – in other words, they created a strong cotton fiber that was very thin and therefore could be woven into towels, rugs and other items that are soft and supple, while still being durable. Today, micro cotton products are found in inexpensive home decorating and home product stores around the world.

Micro Cotton Carpet

Cotton is extremely soft and is wonderful in bathrooms or in kitchens, where having something soft under your feet is important.

Micro cotton rugs and carpets can be found not only in area and throw rugs for rooms in your home, but also can now be found in wall to wall or room carpet. It is relatively inexpensive and can be installed like almost any other type of carpeting. Adding thick padding under the carpet will add to the comfort and wear of this inexpensive carpeting option.


Keeping cotton carpeting clean involves using a number of different approaches. Like most carpeting and rugs, regular use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended. Also, regular cleaning with a steam cleaner is recommended. This should be done every few months, particularly in areas where a great deal of wear and traffic occur, like hallways, entryways or family rooms.

Spot cleaning with a non-toxic and mild cleaner is the best way to take care of occasional spills or stains that may happen with everyday activities. One of the great things about cotton area rugs is that it is usually possible to simply toss them into the washer to take care of any major spills, but do not place them in the dryer unless the label says that the rug will not shrink. Instead, lay the rug out in a spot where it will be warm and dry quickly but is not subject to direct heat or sunlight.

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