The Motorized Trowel vs the Manual Trowel The Motorized Trowel vs the Manual Trowel

If you ever worked around your home it is digging or smoothing cement out, you likely have used a trowel. While many people think of them as a manual labor tool, they do build motorized trowels, though contractors and companies are mostly the buyers of them.

What is a Trowel?

A trowel is a tool that is used to dig or smooth over things. They are used for many types of work or jobs, including stone masons, gardeners and contractors who work with cement. These are the most common uses for them, but they can also be used for other projects. The manual one looks much like a spade, and the other looks more like a lawn mower. Both do same kind of work, but they do have there differences.


As you likely think, the prices can vary drastically. The manual trowels will be reasonable priced, and can be bought at local hardware stores for under a hundred dollars mostly. The motorized trowel will likely cost over a hundred dollars per trowel and are mostly used by constructors or contractors. Though you can likely find and buy both online for cheaper if you look hard enough. You may also be able to buy a used one or directly from a wholesale company.

Manual Trowel Pros

Using one gives you complete and total control, unlike using a motorized one. They are lighter weight and easier to store, plus they are cheaper. They can make your job easier for you, which is something everybody wants and can allow you to stretch your reach even more. It also does not break down like the motorized trowel can.

Manual Trowel Cons

It requires you to do more labor on your part. Some people may feel that they are too dangerous to keep around or that they do not do a good job. However, those are more personal opinion based than factual based cons. Other than that, they have more pros than cons.

Motorized Trowel Pros

They require less labor from you and cover a wider area. Since that they are motorized, they can also do the job faster and be more productive than the manual kind. They are also good for older people to use or people who cannot bend down very well. They are also good for companies to buy and use.

Motorized Trowel Cons

Price is a big factor and so is the ease of buying it. It is harder to store and is more heavy than the manual kind. In addition, they can break down and be very expensive to repair.


They both are good to use, but for different reasons. Most people who do DIY projects will not need a motorized trowl; they can instead use the classic type. Companies may want to invest in a motorized kind if they do a lot of cement or stone mason jobs. Granted, the motorized kind may get into mainstream market one day, but until then you may wish to stick with the classic kind for the ease of use and access.

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