The Nuts and Bolts: 10 Things to Consider When Adding on to Your Home

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Phoenix Home Remodeling Company, Republic West Remodeling, Launches Guide Titled "10 Things to Consider When Adding on to Your Home"

Phoenix home remodeling company, Republic West Remodeling, announced it has authored a new guide titled "10 Things To Consider When Adding On To Your Home." Targeted to homeowners, the document's goal is to create awareness of what's involved in a home addition project so negative consequences can be avoided.

This informative document outlines what homeowners need to do to bring a home addition project to a successful conclusion. To avoid problems, homeowners need to:

  1. Develop a comprehensive plan and budget
  2. Figure out how to fund the project
  3. Determine the size and scope of the addition
  4. Select the location
  5. Analyze heating and cooling requirements
  6. Evaluate electrical and plumbing requirements
  7. Decide on design elements and amenities
  8. Select a proven remodeling company
  9. Establish the final budget and schedule
  10. Prepare for inconvenience during the construction phase

"Although extending the footprint of an existing home is no easy feat, a home addition project can be a wonderful investment – both from a financial and enjoyment standpoint," said Jim Weisman, owner of Republic West Remodeling. "And, in most cases, adding space beats the cost of buying a new home. With interest rates remaining at historically low levels, home remodeling becomes a more affordable option for many homeowners.

Interested homeowners can download the guide here.

Fypon Launches First-Ever National Curb Appeal Month in August

Fypon, a leader in the synthetic millwork industry, will launch the first-ever "National Curb Appeal Month" celebration in August of 2014.

National Curb Appeal Month is dedicated to helping homeowners focus on ways to add value and design appeal to their home's exterior. During August, Fypon will include daily curb appeal tips on their Facebook and Twitter pages along with detailed curb appeal information and color advice from national color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color on the Fypon website.

"Realtors tell us that potential home buyers make a 'street decision' in less than 12 seconds on whether or not to view a home that's for sale," says Niki Decker, senior manager of product and marketing for Fypon. "That's a very short time to make a large impression and it all relies on the curb appeal of the house."

Phoenix home remodeling company, Republic West Remodeling, announced it has auth

As part of National Curb Appeal Month, experts at Fypon offers their top five tips for enhancing the exterior of the home:

  1. Make your entryway more welcoming with an elegant door surround. Start with fluted pilasters on either side of the door and then top the door with a decorative pediment---try a rams head, sunburst, acorn or peaked cap style.
  2. Replace a rotting wooden porch system with a new structural balustrade system which includes porch posts, top and bottom rails, balusters and all the other pieces essential to create a great, weather-resistant porch.
  3. Trim out exterior windows. Use crossheads for over a window and top with a solid, decorative or recessed panel keystone accent piece. On the sides and below the window, use moulding pieces with plinth blocks in the corners to eliminate miter cuts.
  4. Replace older, rotting wooden louvers with low-maintenance polyurethane louvers. Functional louvers have a noncorrosive fiberglass screen backing to keep insects out while allowing maximum airflow and ventilation to enter the attic.
  5. Flank your windows with easy-care polyurethane shutters. Choose from a selection of white and woodgrain louvered solid panel and louvered slatted panels shutters or woodgrain timber plank panel shutters in two-plank, three-plank, elliptical top and arch top styles. Paint or stain the pre-primed shutters to complement any home exterior.

Lowe's Brings Pro Customers On-Demand Delivery Service

Lowe's has launched ProExpress, an on-demand delivery service to get pros the emergency and last minute supplies they need. The ProExpress program is currently available at more than 200 Lowe's stores across the country and is designed to complement existing store delivery services by providing a resource that is fully dedicated to pro customers. The ProExpress fleet is equipped to meet customer needs today as well as into the future.

Since April 2014, these light-duty trucks have helped pro customers save their m

Since April 2014, these light-duty trucks have helped pro customers save their most precious asset--time--by making thousands of deliveries directly to business sites to meet a wide range of needs. Through the program, Lowe's has helped pros by fulfilling emergency orders such as smoke detectors to pass an inspection, or shingles to complete a job before a damaging storm. The ProExpress trucks also regularly visit businesses to restock shelves with cleaning and maintenance supplies.

"For pros, time is money," said Mike Horn, vice president of ProServices. "The ProExpress program allows us to offer our pro customers the ultimate convenience and flexibility by delivering the materials they need, when they need them."