The Nuts and Bolts: August 6, 2013

A little DIY, FYI…

Home Remodeling Spending to Improve

The U.S. Commerce Department recently released reports that show an increase in home improvements! This suggests that the slow downs we saw during the spring drop-off might have just been a case of it “catching its breath”. Growth in home improvement spending is expected to continue to 2014 reaching an annualized rate of 19.8 percent which translates to $150.9 billion.

“Since recent homebuyers are traditionally the most active in the home improvement market,” noted Eric Belsky, managing director of the Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS), “the growth in sales of existing homes is providing more opportunities for these improvement projects. Homeowners are more comfortable investing in their homes right now.” The JCHS expects that the remodeling sector’s growth rate will slow only slightly during the first three months of 2014, with annual gains running at around 17.2 percent.

Taking Your Room Redesign to a New Level

Looking for that final addition to complete your room redesign? What about skylights? Not only can they add a huge visual impact, but they also can save you money and energy.

Skylights have come a long way since their original design. No leak solar powered skylights open to admit outside air while bringing in natural light. Worried about the rainy seasons? They detect rain and automatically close. Furthermore, they are elegible for a 30 percent federal tax credit.

"Skylights bring design drama to rooms, yet they're a surprisingly cost-effective and functional home improvement," says Ross Vandermark, national product manager of Velux America manufacturers of the "No-Leak Skylight." "In many instances, installing skylights will cost you less than furniture or new carpet. And if natural light is the touch you need to add drama and enhance your room design, placing Energy Star-qualified no leak solar powered fresh air skylights overhead is more practical and cost effective than trying to add windows to a wall."

"Few home improvements marry the dramatic design impact and energy saving boost that you get from adding no leak solar powered fresh air skylights," says Vandermark. "When it comes to redesigning a room, they're truly a touch that elevates the look and feel of your decor and the functionality of the space."

Spike TV Announces New Home Improvement Series With Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla

Spike TV has recently announced its latest home improvement reality show, “Catch a Contractor”. The basic premise of the show will revolve around home owners teaming up with Adam Carolla to track down and confront contractors that did shoddy work on their home improvements and make them finish the job.

Spike described the goal of the show in a recent press release. “Each episode will follow Carolla, along with no-nonsense contractor Skip Bedell and his wife, investigator Allison Bedell, as they seek retribution for wronged homeowners, whose construction nightmares range from the laughably incompetent to frighteningly hazardous homes that have been left completely torn apart. Carolla and the Bedells hunt down and confront unscrupulous builders, drag them back to their construction disasters, and make them finish the job right.”

Eyeworks USA, responsible for our favorite show “Bar Rescue,” will be producing “Catch a Contractor”. The series has received an order from Spike TV for 10 half-hour episodes. We can’t wait for its premiere in spring 2014!