The Nuts and Bolts: DIY Gets Digital

With the end of June approaching, National Safety Month comes to a close. Hopefully, we all learned a thing or two that will result in a few less trips to the hospital!

We were fortunate enough to sit down with celebrity contractor Scott McGillivray and Aflac to go over some great tips for DIY safety and overall project success. So take a look at some insight from a pro and DIY with the best of them.

Augmented Reality App That Helps Consumers Visualize Paint Colors Live on Their Walls

The Dulux Visualizer is a mobile Augmented Reality app which enables users to re-color their walls, while viewing the results live on their mobile device, as they move around the room. This is the first time a global paint brand is providing an AR tool to consumers, and was developed in collaboration with AkzoNobel, Tessera, and Webcredible.

"Choosing interior colors for your home or business is a very personal undertaking," said Paul Skidmore, Director of Product, who oversaw the development at String.

"The capability to choose real paint colors, and then preview them live on your own walls, will we hope, remove some of the risk that consumers might worry about."

"AkzoNobel's uncompromising vision for the project required us to break new ground in this field; what you see today represents a first step towards that vision, and we're looking forward to the advances our on-going research and development will bring to future versions of the product."

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Classic DIY Toy Gets a Digital Face-Lift

EGO Systems, Inc., makers of the world's leading construction toys, today introduced LEGO® FUSION, a play experience that combines traditional LEGO brick play with familiar app-based game themes.

LEGO FUSION leverages new technologies—and children's fascination with them—to create an entirely new way to engage in LEGO brick building.

Each LEGO FUSION experience consists of a distinct set of LEGO bricks, a corresponding free downloadable app and the new FUSION capture plate, a small brick building plate with a printed design that enables a smart phone or tablet's camera to identify the size and colors of the LEGO bricks built onto it. In response to game prompts, children build vertically in 2-D on the FUSION capture plate, enabling the app to "see," import, and transform the creation into 3-D in the digital world.

"Children have always imagined their LEGO creations as immersive worlds which come to life for hours of role-play and adventure," said Ditte Bruun Pedersen, senior design manager, LEGO Future Lab. "Recently, smart phones and tablets have become a popular platform for empowering game mechanisms that kids love. LEGO FUSION brings these two favorite play patterns together in an experience where real-life LEGO builds come to life in a virtual game, inspiring creativity, strategy, and the pride of creation."

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Intelligent Room Heating & Cooling

Embue, a Boston-based manufacturer of connected heating & cooling controls, today announced a new product offering and a partnership agreement with Jackson Systems, an industry-leading manufacturer of HVAC zoning systems, and mechanical equipment.

Their new product, Embue Vent™, is a controllable heating & cooling register designed to replace existing manual vents in a home or business. Available in a variety of register sizes and colors, Embue Vent™ will be produced by Jackson Systems at their manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. When combined with Embue's low-cost wireless sensors and intelligent HVAC controls, Embue Vent™ creates a solution that delivers unprecedented per room control when used with forced air heating and cooling systems.

"We are thrilled about this announcement," said Jason Hanna, CEO and Founder of Embue. "Our controls replace the traditional point-source thermostat with a centralized controller and low-cost sensors that get placed in multiple rooms of a home or business. With Embue Vent™, we gain precision control over where heating and cooling is applied, and can now create a zone for every room."

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These DIY digital products are sure to make your next project a breeze. Be sure to stay safe!