The Nuts and Bolts: January 15, 2014

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The International Builders' Show Is Coming!

The NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) is coming up this February! It is the largest annual light construction show in the world, and this year, attendees will have access to the exhibit floors of two of the biggest tradeshows for design and construction professionals!

Learn more about the International Builders’ Show and register here.

Pumping Technology Goes Mobile

Check out WAYNE’s latest sump pump technology that texts you when water levels are rising or there is a power outage at home. With all the crazy weather we’ve had lately, this is great for commuters and travelers who may worry about their home’s protection.

We can only imagine how weird it would be getting a text from your sump pump. To learn more about how it works check out

The Year of Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid is the 2014 Pantone color of the year. It’s an unusual shade that is said to bring serenity when incorporated throughout the home. That all sounds great to us at, but we know from experience that purple isn’t exactly an easy color to bring into your home.

Fortunately for those set on having the trendiest shade this year, Brewster Home Fashions has created a handy guide to incorporating Radiant Orchid. This includes creating an accent wall, adding accessories, and to the joy of every grandmother ever, focusing on floral designs.