The Nuts and Bolts: March 5, 2013

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A little DIY, FYI…

KILZ Launches “Paintervention”

Know someone in denial of their terrible paint and design skills? Maybe it’s time for a little “Paintervention.” Head over to to register for your chance to win an e-consultation from their design experts as well as a $1,000 home improvement store gift card of your choice. Kilz will also be providing tips at to help DIYers struggling with their space transform it from a headache into a haven.

Energy Tax Credits Reinstated for 2012-2013

The Federal Energy Tax Credit is back! Save up to $500 on select energy-efficient products such as Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades from leading window covering manufacturer Hunter Douglas. They are the only window shade option without add-on insulation that currently qualifies for the tax credit. Keep your money from floating out of the window with proper insulation.

Compact the Waste Without Producing More!

Earlier this month TK Products announced it debut product TK™10 Home Trash Krusher. Utilize the benefits of a trash compactor without any unnecessary energy waste. TK™10 uses a manual system to cleanly and effortlessly compact kitchen trash, saving users plenty of plastic bags and trips to the garbage bin. “One of the core ideas behind the TK10 was to try to alleviate the impact that plastic has on our environment,” says co-inventor John Hyle. “Plastic bags have a hard time decomposing to begin with, but in a landfill without the exposure to sunlight and air, they may take more than 500 years to biodegrade. With the TK10, our customers will be throwing less plastic away.”

A Look at the Latest in Microwave Technology

Last week Panasonic announced their 2013 Microwave models at the International Home + Housewares Show. These new 2013 models feature technology such as the One-Touch Sensor Cook, which takes the guess work and unpredictable nature out of cooking meals by automatically adjusting power levels and cooking time. Other features include the Inverter Turbo Defrost™, which promises to defrost foods in record time. The new models are set to release June 2013 with a price range of $229.85 to $249.95. Head over to for more details.

Panasonic Announces Newest Series of Canister Vacuums

Earlier this month Panasonic announced the JetForce™ MC-CL930, a canister vacuum cleaner focusing on a compact and lightweight design. The MC-CL930 was on display at the International + Housewares Show, allowing attendees to witness its balance of size and power, utilizing its unique dust-compression cup design which separates larger pieces of dirt particles away from the filter. The Panasonic MC-CL930 Series will be releasing in Fall of 2013 with pricing information to be announced 30 days prior to shipping.

New 2-in-1 Garmet Steamer

Following a trend in Panasonic releases, the Panasonic NI-FS900 2-in-1 Garmet Steamer was shown at the 2013 International Home + Housewares Show. The steamer can be utilized as a traditional vertical steamer or as a traditional iron, giving users the ability to adapt to the confines of their current environment. The Panasonic NI-FS900 will be released in June 2013 with pricing and retail availability being announced prior to its shipping.