The Nuts and Bolts: October 2, 2013 The Nuts and Bolts: October 2, 2013

Winter… is coming.

No, I don’t mean the newest season of Game of Thrones (we wish). We’re talking the actual season here. Obviously this means a few things – you can finally start wearing those 10-year-old sweatpants out and about (your family will love that), but no more running around with your shirt off (trust us, this should be a year-round rule – it’s not a six pack anymore, it’s a keg).

But apart from the lifestyle changes you’ll have to endure, there are also some important home improvement changes you should be making before it’s freezing outside and you’re huddled around the fireplace rationing the last of the pumpkin pie.

With the MLB playoffs warming up and the NFL season in full swing, we here at DIY understand that free time is a factor, so we narrowed our list down to just 5 things you can do to make winter a lot more tolerable this year.

Tune Your Heating System

Furnace maintenance
If you tell your furnace repair story right, this is what people will picture.

You might want to leave this one to a pro, but for the committed DIYer, check out our article on yearly furnace maintenance // Rest assured that the money you spend now to ensure your furnace is running smoothly will pay off down the road. Besides, better to do the work when it’s still comfortable rather than when the house is freezing and the family is angry.

Caulk Around Windows and Doors

What’s the use of a finely tuned heating system if all the warm air is leaking out of the house? Take the time to seal up with caulk any spots where you think air could be escaping. Be sure to check out our caulking tips at //

caulk gun
Nobody will blame you for making laser gun sounds while using this.

Roof Inspection

Now is the time to check your roof for any leaks or damage. The weather outside is still warm, ice hasn’t formed to create a death trap for brave climbers, and picking up supplies will be easier than when the whole neighborhood is rushing to the hardware store on the first rainy day. Learn how to get it all done in 5 easy steps here //

guy falls from roof.
This is why we can’t have nice things…

Restock Winter Essentials

At some point on a cold winter day, you’re going to run out of something. Then you’re going to have to get in your freezing car, brave the icy streets, and fight like an animal in the stores for the last bit of whatever it is you’re looking for. That is, unless you took the time to stock up on supplies before winter sets in! These supplies will be different for each home, so make an inventory of what you have and what you’ll need. Just be sure to have an abundance of salt and ice melt.

Turn Off Exterior Faucets

Be sure to turn off any exterior faucets and drain the remaining water from the hoses. Anything left will turn to ice and expand - destroying the hoses and leaving you with some unnecessary expenses come spring.

frozen ice shards.
You used to have a nice yard… until you turned on your frozen faucet.

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