The Nuts and Bolts: September 11, 2013

A little DIY, FYI…

So all the buzz lately around the Doityourself water cooler is how the fall season is a major boon for the home improvement industry. Apparently colder weather brings more willingness to get the hands dirty and renovate that new bathroom (umm don’t. Remember our last article?).

Now, we’d never turn down a good DIY home improvement opportunity, and we salute those who are about to embark on this epic battle, but just make sure of one thing – that you’re ready.

Roman gladiator
…He wasn’t ready.

Home improvement isn’t some cozy evening by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and watching the leaves fall (believe us, we’ve tried). Home improvement is months in the trenches, testing your humanity, your wallet, and the patience of your significant other.

Couple by the fireplace.

OK, hopefully that sorted out the fair-weather DIYers. Maybe it was a bit harsh, but the last thing we want is a bunch of unfinished home projects in our neighborhoods, right? In reality the fall season can be a great time to get started on that honey-do list.

Zillow Inc., a company known for accurate and timely research on home improvement trends, reported that nearly 52% of home owners plan a home improvement project for this fall. That’s a lot of Pinterest fails.

“Fall is the perfect transition time from outdoor to indoor activities, which is resonating in home improvement plans and trends. Parents are sprucing up indoor play areas to keep the kids active and occupied, while looking for ways to update their own workspaces for the season ahead as workdays are shortened by kid pick-up and drop-off duty,” said Cynthia Nowak, Zillow Digs trend expert.

Now on to the statistics – because everyone feels better about doing something iffy when there are numbers in front of them. Zillow was able to break down specific demographics to give us a clear picture on what percent of age groups are getting their hands dirty with fall projects.

  • 18-to-34-year-olds (aka the “we a paint everything in teal” crowd): 67 percent
  • 35-to-54-year-olds: 52 percent
  • 55 and older (or the “let’s cash in on that life insurance policy early” people): 45 percent
  • Homes with children: 65 percent
  • Homes without children: 48 percent

It appears a significant portion of homeowners will be working on either a home office (really? We just talked about this) or playrooms for a growing family.

Home office that is a mess.
It’s your home office in two years. Congrats!

It appears that 31 percent of households with children will take on three or more projects, spending an average of $1,500 compared to only 19 percent of households without children that look to spend around $1,000.

So good luck out there, DIYers. The path won’t be easy, but is always here to help when things don’t go as planned (and they never do).

[SOURCE: Zillow Inc.]