The Optimum Boiler Temperature

Running your boiler at an efficient temperature can help you save money as well as energy. Read on to learn how to determine the optimum boiler temperature for your home and how to set your heating unit.

Unique Boilers

Every single boiler is different and will be designed to operate at a specific temperature. The temperature that the manufacturer suggests the boiler should be run at is normally the best or optimum temperature.

Condensing Boilers

A condensing boiler is able to extract extra heat from the waste exhaust gases created during combustion. A condenser boiler has a lower optimum boiler temperature than a regular boiler because the gases must be allowed to condense.

Setting the wrong water temperature can have a damaging effect on the efficiency of your boiler. It's important that the water temperature is set correctly so that you can benefit from the biggest savings.

Setting the Optimum Boiler Temperature

The optimum boiler temperature will normally be set using the control panel for your boiler or by adjusting the thermostat. Condensing boilers use a sophisticated control system that will carefully adjust the water temperature based on the outside and inside temperatures to ensure the maximum efficiency is achieved.