The Perfect Shoe Rack: Closet Considerations

When creating the perfect closet, you'll want to consider different shoe rack closet designs. If you want a shoe rack to flawlessly meet your needs for years to come, there are some details you need to think about. Planning ahead and making the right closet considerations will make all the difference when it comes to selecting the right shoe rack for your space.

Inventory Your Space

Do you have enough space on the floor of your closet to accommodate a shoe rack? Would it be possible for you to use the back of the door in your closet for a hanging organizer for your shoe rack closet design? Figuring out what type of space you have is an important part of determining whether or not there is an organizing solution for your space.

If you are already using floor space for other storage purposes, then a traditional shoe rack is not ideal. Use a hanging rack over your closet door if you aren't using this space for other storage purposes.

Know What Size Organizer You Need

Count how many shoes you own. This way, you'll be able to buy the right number and sized organizers to accommodate your shoe collection. Take care to choose a shoe rack that accommodates a few extra pairs so that your organizer will accommodate growth in your collection.

Shop Around

The final step in this process is going to be to shop around to find the types of shoe racks that meet your style needs. The sheer volume of different closet shoe racks and organizers available is amazing. No matter what your personal preference or style is, you will have little trouble finding the perfect solution.

Cubby racks provide the ability for shoes to be stored and protected simultaneously, and they maximize space as a result of their configuration. Some shoe cubbies are not large enough to fit some types of shoes such as boots or sandals for example.

Free standing shoe racks are capable of maximizing floor space but they do not offer much protection for the shoes they store. These shoe racks are only useful when there is enough floor space to accommodate them.

Over-Door shoe organizers are good for closets without floor space but they can sometimes be cumbersome and are not always the highest quality option.

Hanging closet organizers are similar to shoe cubbies in that they provide shoe compartments as well as adequate levels of protection for the stored shoes. Their compartments may be too small for certain shoes and they do require a certain amount of hanging space and can be cumbersome.

With these closet considerations, you won't have much difficulty finding a shoe rack that accommodates your current shoe collection and its future growth.