The Perfect Wall Paint to Match Leather Couches The Perfect Wall Paint to Match Leather Couches

The perfect wall paint to match your furniture color depends on what kind of look you are going for.

Burgundy Leather Couch

A burgundy furniture color goes well with taupe (brownish gray) on your wall which will give the room a warm look.

Beige Leather Couch

For beige, use burgundy accent or you could try off-white. Eggshell also makes the room look alive. Another wall paint to match would be a rose color. If the room has a big window which is bringing in a lot of light you can use pastel yellow.

Black Leather Couch

Black leather furniture color needs a wall paint that is bright. This will ensure that it brings in light into your room and also make your couch to be noticeable. Use white, a light beige color or pale gray. A light gold color is also good. Another color good with black leather couches is dark red and blood red walls.

Dark Brown Couch

This color goes well with a wall painted white (Spanish) or cream. These colors attract light and will make your room look bright and cheerful. A sage green wall will also match your couch.

White/Cream Couches

White or cream leather furniture color looks good if the walls are painted in an earthly color. Brown and tan look nice. You can also paint the wall a sage green will look great.


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