The Persimmon Tree: [4] Unique Species

The Persimmon tree is a deciduous tree that will go dormant during the winter months. It is mostly common in two areas: Eastern United States and China, Korea and Japan. Two types of species are the most common but there are over two hundred different persimmon tree species.

The persimmon tree produces a flower blossom during the spring months and then a cluster of small fruits after pollination. They will produce fruit until the first frost. The American version of the tree will grow up to 60 feet tall and can withstand colder temperatures. However, the Oriental version of the persimmon tree is a little smaller, topping out at 30 feet. Besides these two different species of persimmon tree, there are some unique species.

Black Persimmon

The Black Persimmon tree, or also known as Black Sapote, is a persimmon tree native to Mexico. The fruit that it produces has a green skin with a white flesh. When the fruit ripens the white flesh will turn black. This tree usually grows to a height of 40 feet and comes to full bloom in late spring. The Black Persimmon tree is also a popular tree that is grown indoors in the U.S. southwest and in Mexico.


The Mabolo tree is a form of persimmon tree that is native to the Philippines. Its fruit has a skin that is covered in a velvety furry kind of fruit that is usually a reddish brown. It has a soft, creamy like flesh that tastes like a fruity cream cheese. However, it is also said that the flesh's aroma is like that of rotten cheese.

Date Plum

The Date Plum is a species of persimmon tree that is native to southwest Asia. This was the tree known to the ancient Greeks as the "fruit of the gods." It's American name is symbolic of the taste of its fruit that can be compared to both a date and a plum. This species of persimmon tree is also said to have been mentioned in Homeric poem, "The Odyssey." It has been said that the fruit of the tree is so delicious that anyone who eats it will forgot about returning to home and will want to stay and eat more of the fruit.

Japanese Persimmon

This persimmon species is the most widely known and cultivated. Its fruit has a sweet and tangy taste and it has a fibrous texture. The fruit is very well liked in Japan and is referred to as the country's national tree and fruit. The fruit has a good taste after picking, but has its best flavor when allowed to sit before eating. The tree has broad stiff leaves and is native to China. The tiny versions of this species of persimmon tree are often used as Bonsai trees. In fact, the Japanese Persimmon tree is also sought after for its use as an ornamental tree in yards and in office landscaping.