The Proper Way to Measure Crown Molding The Proper Way to Measure Crown Molding

It is not as difficult as you may think to measure crown molding. Crown molding offers a distinctive style to a room. Instead of the tops of walls ending in cold 90 degree angles, adding some crown molding creates a sense of balance and sophistication. Measuring and cutting it takes a bit of practice but the results are worth the time.

Measure the Room
Measure the room from corner to corner. Be sure to pick up a bit more material than you need to have. Mis-cuts with crown molding are common, so plan on making a few from the start. To reduce waste, practice your compound cuts on scrap materials before moving up to the crown molding.

Compound Cuts
In order to get the angles correct for crown molding, you will need to make special cuts, known as a compound miter cut. In addition to the mitered angle used for trim such as chair rail or baseboard, crown molding requires an additional angle to be cut in conjunction with the typical miter cut. For the best results, mark for your first pieces in place, and and create a template to base future cuts on.


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