The Pros and Cons of Carpet Squares

Carpet square makes an attractive choice for interior flooring. It consists of portions of carpet cut into square shapes. These squares are also known as carpet tiles. They are a good alternative if you wish to have a carpeted floor but prefer not to have a complete roll. Below are 5 pros and 3 cons of carpet squares.

Pros of Carpet Squares

1 - Ease of Installation

No experience, technical expertise or special tools are required to install the squares. The tiles are designed with grippers or adhesive at the back which makes it easy to attach onto sub-flooring. You can easily trim the tiles with a carpet knife which makes it easy to fit them into complex or odd layouts. The ease of installation allows you to change your interior décor as often as desired. This makes carpet tiles an attractive option to homeowners.

2 - Affordable

Carpet squares are a cheap flooring material yet smart option for homes. The ease of installation also contributes to affordability of the squares. This makes it easy for you to complete flooring installation if you’re on a tight budget.

3 - Versatile

Carpet squares are available in diverse materials. You can get them in various textures, sizes, thicknesses and colors. You may wish to alternate colors and textures to create an interesting visual appearance. This gives you great leeway in your interior décor plans. If you have environmental concerns, you may want to select an eco-friendly material for the squares. Some manufacturers produce carpet squares from natural or recycled materials to cater for eco-conscious consumers.

4 - Ease of Replacement

It is a lot easier to repair carpet squares compared to a complete carpet roll. Should a section get damaged, you can easily arrange to replace the affected portions unlike a carpet roll which requires complete replacement in most cases. This makes it affordable to manage repairs and helps to contain your home improvement budget.

5 - Allow Easy Access to Utilities

With carpet tiles, you can easily access plumbing or wiring installed underneath the floor. This is because of the small size of the squares which makes it easy to remove and reinstall during maintenance. It helps to keep disruption to minimum levels during maintenance work.

Cons of Carpet Squares

1 - Lack of Uniformity

The tiles are installed individually over a section of floor or entire floor. Seams are often visible which prevents a smooth look. With time, the tiles tend to develop a disjointed look around the edges. This is because the tiles tend to pull along the edges as they age. This loss of cohesion spoils the appearance of your floor. It may become necessary to replace carpeting on the entire floor to create a smarter appearance.

2 - Site Limitations

The tiles cannot be installed in certain areas of the house. This includes rooms that are prone to dampness such as the basement, bathroom or laundry room. Carpet tiles installed in these rooms are likely to develop mildew. Floor surfaces must also be completely smooth and even for proper installation. This limits the locations where you can install the tiles.

3 - Safety

With time, the tiles wear out and curl along the edges. Deterioration is faster in high traffic areas or if you have children or pets. Curled up carpet tiles compromise safety within the house. The tiles can easily trip you and cause injuries.