The Pros and Cons of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can make your hair feel fuller and look more radiant. Many people opt to have hair extensions, and the quickest, easiest way to put them in your hair is to clip them, rather than have them sewn into your hair.

Pros of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Sewn-in extensions will last longer, but clip-in extensions can be more convenient. Any person can attach clip-in hair extensions without having to go to a hairdresser and pay for service.

They are convenient for slipping into your hair at the last minute before a glamorous night out and easy to remove when you get home. Provided that you clip them in directly under your hair, they will be virtually invisible.

Cons of Clip-In Hair Extensions

On the flip side, despite being easy and quick to put into your hair, clip-in extensions are easy to pull out by mistake. If you catch your hair on something and it tugs the clips out, you could end up with a bald spot if some natural hair comes out with it.

The extensions can also be visible if not placed in correctly. If people with shorter hair use them, they will not have the long cover to disguise the clips, and it will look obvious that there are hair extensions in place.