The Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a very common sight with homes in a hurricane-prone area. They have been around for years now, but some cynicism does surround the process of making a decision of whether or not to install hurricane shutters. To have some idea of the pros and cons of hurricane shutters, read on. 


  1. Hurricane shutters keep debris out of your house during a hurricane. This protects your home’s interior.
  2. Hurricane shutters can be easily custom made and can be shaped anyway for abnormally large windows.
  3. Hurricane shutters are usually very easy to maintain and can be cleaned after a hurricane with just a damp cloth.
  4. They have been found to increase energy efficiency in your home by keeping check of the air that enters and leaves your home, protecting your home from harsh environmental conditions.


  1. To some people, they give the exterior of your house a rather "ugly" look. They cause visual pollution for anyone who decides to take in your house on a nice day.
  2. Hurricane shutters can send their own debris and chips flying into your home. Although this would not always happen, the possibility of it takes the hurricane shutters basic function to trial.