The Pros and Cons of Installing an Artificial Putting Green

If you are thinking about installing an artificial golf green in your front yard or other outdoor space, there are some benefits and disadvantages to think about for this kind of property addition. Consider all the positives and negatives before going ahead with a plan to install a mini-fairway or green on your lawn.

Access to Regular Practice

It’s true that, for some golfers, a backyard artificial golf green can really improve your putt. That’s why, for the hardcore golfer, these installations are so popular. Getting an authentic green at home can give you a big edge over your competitors, whether it’s just a friendly game or a business round where you really want to look good on the links.

Value Amenities

Some homeowners at an artificial golf green or other home rec space partly because they see it as upping the property value. These kinds of amenities can be value adders, but only as far as the buyer is concerned. Think strategically about what will cause your home to have a higher resale value.

Less Versatile

Once installed, your backyard golf green is not one of the more versatile spaces that you can implement in your lawn. For recreational spaces that can be more functional when not in active use, think about a bocce ball court or something less intrusive.

Potential for Settling

One of the other major drawbacks of the backyard artificial golf green is that do-it-yourselfers who install these spaces can sometimes leave the area vulnerable to settling. This all depends on what you put in your base for the golf green, whether it is sand, aggregate material or anything else. The problem comes when this material shifts over time, leading to a less level space, which can detract from the space as a golf green and make it look bad in general.

A Fair Weather Green

Another thing about a backyard golf green is that it has no protection from the elements. Some homeowners who like to obsessively practice their putt in all weather prefer to add a pre-fabricated indoor golf green to their basement or other space, rather than breaking up their lawn with a green that can only be used when it’s sunny outside. Think about the climate and weather conditions in your area before installing some kind of fair weather apparatus like an artificial golf green.

All of the above will help a property owner to determine what kinds of recreational amenities to put into their property. Adding extra features to your yard is partially a decision based on what you like to do in your spare time, but it’s also a strategic way to upgrade one of your biggest investments, an owned home or property. Think about your plan from all angles, and you’ll be more confident when you go to rip up grass and install an artificial green space.