The Pros and Cons of Wood Floors

All of the realities of a wooden floor should be taken into consideration before you install it in your home. Wooden floors can be practical or inappropriate, depending on your specific situation.

Elegance and Tradition

Wood is a completely natural product and has been used in flooring ever since people started building. There are many different types of wood that are commonly used and provide a traditional and elegant appearance. This is particularly true of hardwood flooring, which provides a timeless atmosphere and conveys good taste.

Wood flooring also provides your home with a natural touch. This is something that simply cannot be duplicated with other materials that are made in a factory. You do not get this sense of elegance and tradition with vinyl flooring or laminate flooring.

Variety and Styles

Wood flooring comes in many different forms, including parquet, which is very popular in period apartments in continental Europe. Laminate flooring is technically made from wood, though it is a chipboard with an artificial laminated finish. This type of flooring does not fall into the same category as traditional wood flooring.

You can find wood flooring options for many different scenarios – not just traditional and old fashioned. There are many exotic options that can make dramatic design statements for your home. Different types of wood have different textures, grains and colors. Wood flooring can be suitable for almost anything provided that you have already taken the disadvantages into account.

High Maintenance

Wood flooring is typically more subject to wear and tear than other types of flooring. It is not very resistant to things such a scratches and other marking. For homes where there are children or pets, a wooden floor is subject to a great deal of wear and tear. The same goes for public places where many types of wood flooring are not ideal.

Keep in mind that wood is also somewhat of a living material. Unlike other flooring options, it is heavily influenced by factors such as temperature and humidity. Moisture will cause wood to rot eventually, however, this is very rare and will not occur unless there is a leak involved.

Wood flooring is also prone to stains and fading. Spillages can cause major problems for wooden floors. Wooden floors require  maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking good. They also require polishing to keep them looking shiny. With parquet flooring, the sections that fit together eventually form cracks causing them to drift apart creating channels which collect dust and dirt which is difficult to remove. Fixing a parquet floor is a complicated and costly job.


Wooden flooring is often expensive, especially if it is of the popular hardwood variety. This is why many people end up covering over wooden floors with carpet or laminate, because it is much cheaper than repairing or replacing the original wooden floor in most cases.