The Safe Way To Hang Pictures

A way that many people will add character to different rooms in their home is to hang pictures. Pictures of family and friends, framed posters, certificates, and great works of art can be hung on your wall. Hanging pictures is not a difficult project, but there are some things to keep in mind to do it safely.

Use Anchors or Stud

Some people will just pound a small nail into a wall and set the picture frame on it. This can lead to the frame falling to the floor, or on someone's head. If the area you want to place the frame is not on a stud, then drill a hole and use a drywall anchor to screw into.

Use Correct Wire Gauge

Some frames have a thin wire on the back of the frame to hang off a screw on the wall. A wire that is too thing will break if the frame is too heavy. If you are unsure, it is always better to add a new, thicker wire.

Use a Step Ladder

If you are going to hang pictures higher than your head, then you should use a step ladder to bring the installation should level. Looking up over your head, or having to reach can cause you to stumble, or drop something on top of you before you can move.