The Simple Way to Propagate Aloe Vera

An aloe vera plant is a popular house plant that is easily managed and taken care of. It has several uses that make them popular such as healing burns, and treating small cuts. Propagation of Aloe Vera plants is a simple process that requires simply replanting small offshoots from the main plant.

Aloe Vera Offshoots

As the Aloe Vera plant matures in age, it will begin producing smaller plants that start growing beside it. You will use the smaller plants to start a new aloe vera plant.

Remove Plant from Pot

Lay the pot on its side and remove the entire aloe vera plant. Tap the sides of the pot gently to loosen it and slide out the entire root ball.

Remove Tiny Plants

Loosen the root ball with your hands and begin removing the small offshoots. These are complete with their own root systems, so be careful as you are taking them apart. It is alright if some of the roots come apart, but you should have most of them.

Repot into New Smaller Pots

Fill the smaller pots with organic potting soil to halfway. Place the small offshoot in the pot and fill in the remaining space with the soil. Repeat this process with all the smaller plants.