The Steps of Boat Detailing

If you have recently purchased a boat, you may be interesting in boat detailing. There are several steps you should take when detailing your boat so that it is in good condition when you take it out on the water.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first thing you should do is clean both the interior and the exterior of the boat using "Orpine". "Orpine" is a very popular soap created for boats and will make sure that your boat is clean. Make sure that you dry the fiberglass areas of your boat right after you have washed it.

Step 2: Buffing

Buff the hull of your boat with a commercial buffer and a rubbing compound. This is especially important if the fiberglass has become severely oxidized or has become very dirty due to water marks. A good compound to use for this is "On&Off."

Step 3: Waxing

Using a wax that is similar to the brand of cleaner you used, rub your boat with a considerable amount of pressure, making sure that you evenly spread the wax. As you do this, you should notice a small change of color as you add the wax. Do a little at a time and them remove the wax after a short amount of time to dry. If you are working in hot conditions, you will want to removed the wax sooner than usual.

Step 4: Shining Aluminum Detail

Aluminum detail can be cleaned and shined by using metal wax in the same way you used boat wax for your boat.

Following these simple steps can make cleaning and detailing your boat quicker and easier.