The Top Home Design Trends of 2018 The Top Home Design Trends of 2018

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While you may not consider it a priority to keep up with style trends, it can be fun now and then to update your decor, paint, or even the entire look of a room. Take the opportunity at the start of the new year to decide what you may want to change about your living space. From taking advantage of that patio you've never used to swapping out rusted hardware or installing new durable wood flooring, there's bound to be something on this list that you've been meaning to change, anyway! Here's your 2018 home inspiration. 

Warm Metallics

Homeowners today want to see more brass and copper finishes. What once was a big no-no not too long ago is now popular throughout the home, from the kitchen to the bathrooms. As an added bonus, these warm-colored metals mix well with almost any other color scheme. For an on-trend look, you can even mix the metal finishes. Combine brass or copper with silver, black nickel, or matte black for a stylish take on the trend. 

Resort Spa-Inspired Bathroom

We may not be able to take off to Hawaii whenever we want, but we can bring a little bit of heaven into our homes with spa-inspired bathrooms. Paint the walls white and stock it with only white towels. (They not only enhance the serene look but are the easiest to clean with bleach.) Give the bathroom a resort-style feel by adding a rattan footstool or bench if you have the room. 

Terrazzo Flooring and Surfaces

Disco is still out, but one '70s trend is back! Terrazzo flooring is now popular again for just about every area in the home including entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens. Made of marble and other stone remnants, it's also a green option for those who want to be eco-friendly with their construction. But terrazzo isn't limited to flooring—it's also an option for countertops, backsplashes, and showers.

Concrete Accents

Concrete accents are used in some unexpected places. While kitchen countertops, bathtubs, and fireplaces have been a popular place for concrete in the past, this year the trend is to have entire walls accented with concrete panels. Not sure you can live with all the gray? There are many colors and patterns to choose from to match your contemporary furniture or look great with your antiques.

Patterned Plants

Adding any sort of live plants to the home will provide more oxygen and help you sleep at night. Houseplants have been trending for a few years now, but what's particularly popular this year are patterned plants with designs on their leaves. Try out the prayer plant (aka the maranta) or the tropical rattlesnake plant, which also has purple colored leaves. 

Light Wood Flooring

New floor trends this year include light, natural tones of wood. Lightly colored wood flooring will hide imperfections better than dark colors and, compared to carpet, is a great choice for families who own pets if messes are a concern. Light colored wood will also brighten up any room. Take the trend one step further with a herringbone pattern that's more modern than farmhouse. 

Wall Art

Gallery walls are out. The new trend is to replace that collection of small pieces with a single large piece of art. This can be a detailed painting, a blown-up photograph, or a modern piece that's simply a wash of color. Whatever you choose, ensure it's large enough to make a statement. 

Outdoor Living Space

Expanding the living area of your house with an outdoor living space will give you a new way to enjoy your home (and any good weather that comes your way). Fill the space with comfy furniture that's low-maintenance and weather-resistant—and don't forget the swings and hammocks. Throw in a few plants and an outdoor area rug to make the space cozy and inviting. 

Statement ceilings

Trends are looking up, literally. In recent modern history, ceilings have not been given much thought. Today, statement ceilings are the modern way to go. Intricate textures, bold colors, or even striking wallpaper are all the rage. 

Jewel Tones

Sherwin-Williams color of the year for 2018 is a rich shade of blue-green. Another major influence in the paint industry, Pantone, announced that Ultra Violet is the hottest color for 2018. Other jewel tones that are destined for popularity this year include rich burnt orange and peacock teal.

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