The Truth about Bird Feed with Rice

Are certain rumours about bird feed causing you concern? Have you ever heard the wild stories of how uncooked rice is lethal to birds? Do you find yourself avoiding bird feed with rice when you are at your local pet food store? Feeding a bird uncooked rice will not harm it in any way. 

Urban Myth

It seems as though the stories about exploding birds have been around for generations! The belief seems to be that birds will die if they eat uncooked rice due to the fact that the grains will swell and burst inside their stomachs. 

This is completely untrue. Birds may find it more difficult to eat uncooked rice, but it is not harmful to their health at all. The truth is that the birds will most likely have digested the rice before it even gets a chance to swell up in their system due to the stomach acids contained within their bodies. Cooked rice is easier for the birds to eat, but there is no reason you can't give them uncooked rice. 

Indeed, there can even be some advantages to feeding a bird uncooked rice. It is readily available in most homes and provides a cheaper alternative to traditional bird seeds.