The Ultimate Game Room Decorating Guide The Ultimate Game Room Decorating Guide

The ultimate game room requires more than just a few games and a table. To make your game room stand out, you need to take some time and plan out some unique decorations. Follow this guide to decorating your game room and use your imagination to enhance the look of yours.


The key to a great looking game room is the pictures you choose to hang and how you choose to hang them. First, decide how much of your own personal photos you want in the room. Some people may want their game room full of personal photos while other people may want none. Visit local stores or online shops to find unique picture frames for your personal photos to add a stylish twist. Next, if you want to fill more of the wall space with pictures, you can either purchase pictures already framed or save some money and choose posters to frame. Either way, you can affordably add character to your game room with your favorite sports teams, movie characters, and musical artists.

Bar Signs

You can acquire many unique bar signs from many different sources that will give your game room a neon glow. Whether you choose your favorite beer, sports team, or a personalized sign made just for you, a bar sign is a classic piece for a game room.


A clock is not only a decorative piece, but its practical. If you have a billiard table, many clocks are available for you that are designed to match the theme. The same goes for other games such as darts and bowling. For major sports fans, clocks also come in sports themed styles with your favorite teams and logos. Of course, you can also keep a classy look with something a bit more expensive.


Adding unique rugs to your game room will completely change the look of your game room and give it a touch of detail that you will love. There are many unique patterns of rugs available, whether you are interested in a classy, bold look or something a bit more funky and colorful.

There are rugs available with your favorite team logos, as well as rugs in the shape of bowling pins, dice, and poker cards. If you visit a local rug store, you will find more subtle looking, designer-oriented rugs. Go online to find more unique, vintage, novelty-style rugs. Either way, you will find them in all sizes and shapes, so take a look at your game room and figure out exactly how many you want, what shape they should be, and how large the need to be.


Obviously, changing the color or wallpaper on your walls will be a great way to personalize your game room. Whether you choose a new paint to apply or a unique wallpaper design, make sure it flows with the items and other colors in the room.


Because accessories definitely add a unique touch to any room, adding some to your game room with give it a good overall look. Look into items such as kitchen accessories, unique billiard balls, unique darts and dart boards, a dart board case, a bar, a wine rack, retro items, a juke box, old school phones, and a refrigerator.


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