The Wedding Planning Guide: Your Stunning Beach Wedding

chairs lined up for an outdoor wedding

There cannot be two opinions that planning a beach wedding is a daunting task and more so, if it is a stunning wedding. You have to become familiar with all the laws and regulations—and there are many— regarding the use of beaches for weddings. You have to obtain permission from the appropriate authorities for conducting a wedding at a beach, be it a private or public beach.

Basic Information About Beach or Seaside Weddings

Conducting a wedding calls for a lot of amenities and the organizers must find out if the beach has those amenities:

First of all, you have to ascertain whether the beach is privately owned or a public beach. In either case, the organizer has to approach the competent authority to obtain permission.

It is necessary to know if that particular beach can be used for large scale functions like weddings. How suitable the beach is for holding the wedding ceremony and the follow-up dinner?

Now ask yourself few questions to clear your apprehensions—Are there any restrooms facilities in the vicinity and will they be suitable for use by the special invitees, in case of need? Is there any suitable building nearby with kitchen facility for cooking food and are there enough shelters around if there is an unexpected rain storm? Is it feasible to erect big tents to provide shelter to all the guests? Whether you need any special permission to serve alcohol and smoking? Can you use a bonfire? Do you need any specific area to be cordoned off for the wedding to keep other beach visitors from interrupting your celebration?

Almost all the above-cited facilities are required for conducting a beach wedding—and more so, if it has to be a stunning wedding.

Choice of Beach for Wedding

For a beach wedding to be stunning, you need to organize it in an exotic beach amidst panoramic settings. The choice of beaches is difficult as there are far too many, each having its own advantages and limitations. Some of the most sought-after beaches for wedding are:

The Mayan Riviera, Mexico along with the island of Cozumel and other surrounding locations on Mexico’s east coast.

Close to the coast of Florida lie the islands of the Bahamas full of alluring sands and lush vegetation. Consisting of more than 700 islands, the Bahamas offers a wide variety of wedding sites.

Jamaica is an enviable choice for a beach wedding with more than 7 villages in the vicinity for invitees to go around.

Hawaii is an ideal location for a truly stunning beach wedding with each Hawaiian island having its own extraordinary features.

These are only few examples. The list of beaches for holding a stunning wedding is endless.

    Final Words

    For beach weddings to be stunning, the wedding theme must be fascinating, provoke romantic thoughts and inspire many people. If the wedding is organized at dusk, the guests can witness the gorgeous colors of sunsets below the horizon as an exciting backdrop for the wedding ceremony. For a wedding to be stunning there is no doubt that it has to be a beach wedding with scenic beauty and excellent wedding decoration to mesmerize all those present.