Thermal-Break Window Thermal-Break Window

A thermal-break window is a type of double paned window which splits the frame components into interior and exterior pieces. A less conductive material is used to join them. What this accomplishes is less heat or cold conductivity through the metal frame of the window, thereby making it more efficient in energy savings and comfort.

The Aluminum Thermal-Break Window

Because aluminum is light and strong, it is a good material for window frames. However, it also conducts heat and cold easily. To solve this disadvantage to the
aluminum frame window, the thermal-break window design was developed.
Current technology using the thermal-break window design has created a better loss rate factor in cold climates.

In hot climates, where solar gain is more important, the improved insulating value of the thermal-break window works better than a higher performance glazing system.

In a thermal-break window, the exterior frame sections are thermally insulated from the interior frame sections. Also, the extruded frame members are designed to snap together, for ease.


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