Thermal Pane Window Frequently Asked Questions

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The thermal pane window is made of multiple panes of high-performance glasses and is more efficient than a single pane window. It reduces the consumption of energy by reducing the heat transfer from windows. Read on for the answers to a few questions frequently asked about thermal panes.

How Efficient Are Thermal Pane Windows?

Thermal pane windows are made up of multiple panes (double or triple) of glasses separated by insulating gases. These windows reduce the transfer of heat between the inside of the house and the outside environment. This in turn reduces the consumption of power for cooling or heating the homes. This makes thermal pane windows more efficient than single-pane windows.

How Do Thermal Pane Windows Help Increasing Efficiency?

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Thermal pane windows have different glass panes separated with a perfect vacuum. Since it is difficult to obtain a perfect vacuum between the glass panes, space is filled with insulating gases. This reduces the heat transmission between the two sides of the window. During summers, the windows block heat entering into the house, and during winters, heat from inside is prevented from going outside. This helps in saving the energy used to cool and heat the house.

What Is the Gas Used in Between Glass Panes?

Argon, krypton, and xenon gases are used for insulation between the glass panes. Krypton and xenon are rarely used while argon is more commonly used due to their efficiency and affordability.

What Is the Life of Thermal Pane Windows?

Most thermal glass panes, with proper maintenance, can last up to 10 years. The life of the thermal panes depends on the type of thermal pane and different manufacturers offer different warranty periods for the window panes.

What is a Low-e Coating?

A low emissive or Low-E coating is a coating of a metallic oxide layer that is applied to the inner side of the glass pane. This coating helps in reducing the transfer of heat from warmer, to colder atmospheres. The Low-E coating helps in reducing energy consumption to a great extent and thermal pane windows with Low-E coating have high energy efficiency. Normal triple-pane thermal windows are more efficient than the normal double-pane thermal windows while double pane windows with Low-E coating are more efficient than triple-pane windows without Low-E coating.

What are the Problems Associated with Thermal Pane Windows?

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One of the most common problems associated with thermal pane windows is that over time, the space between the panes leaks, and that leads to the development of moisture between the panes. The moisture developed between the panes reduces energy efficiency and also makes the glasses unclear.

How Can You Remove the Moisture between Panes of a Thermal Glass Pane?

Some manufacturers assure of removing all the moisture between the glass panes. They work by drilling a small hole at the top of the glass and applying a moisture control membrane over the hole that lets the moisture escape the glass. Sometimes this technique doesn’t work and then the glass panes have to be replaced. However it is not necessary to replace the entire window, instead, the replacement of panes is enough.