Thermostat Repair

Thermostat repair can be quite expensive if you call a professional technician. The thermostat is an important part of your air conditioning system that allows you to set the temperature to a level that will keep you comfortable. If your thermostat is broken or not working properly, follow the steps below to easily fix it yourself.

Step 1: Check the Settings 

Switch the system on. It is important that you wait for a few minutes before starting the repairs as some systems take time to respond. If there are no changes after about 5 minutes, you can go ahead with the repairs. Turn your air conditioner on to “Cool” or the heater on “Heat.” Ensure that the thermostat is turned on as well to determine if the right unit is switched on.

Step 2: Check if the Circuit Breaker Is Tripped

If there is no reading on the thermostat, you should first check the power to the cooling or heating system. For this you will have to locate your fuse box. Ensure that the circuit breaker which powers the air conditioning unit is on. If the circuit breaker is tripped, power to the thermostat will be cut off.

Step 3: Connect Display Wires Correctly

The thermostat may not be working properly is if the wires are not connected in the right way. To fix the display of the thermostat, ensure that the device connects at the wall correctly. Take the thermostat off the wall and remove the back panel. Ensure that the wires at the back are connected in the right way. Check if the C terminal is connected to the transformer. A loose wire would result in a dysfunctional thermostat display.

Another way to get the display working is by moving the common wire on the thermostat’s C terminal to the transformer’s common leg. Doing so will result in the wire bypassing the circuit board for power. Follow this step if the display on your thermostat goes blank.

Step 4: Recalibrate the Line Voltage

If your thermostat exceeds the setting or does not reach it, you may have to recalibrate the low voltage or line voltage. You may also have to check and adjust the anticipator correctly. To do this, cut off the power to the circuit breaker. Take off the thermostat cover and place the anticipator on its scale. Adjust the ampere setting according to the air distribution system. This ampere setting can be found in the manual.

You may also want to consider relocating the thermostat if the displayed temperature is incorrect. Setting it next to a window or door is not a good idea as it can affect the reading. It is best to install the thermostat close to the center of the room. This will provide an accurate temperature reading, so you can be sure that the device is working properly.