Things to Avoid When Cleaning a Roof

Cleaning a roof is a chore every homeowner anticipates with dread. If you neglect cleaning your roof, you'll find that mold can grow, wood can rot and the weight of snow can cause collapse. Cleaning the roof is a necessity but requires knowledge of what to use. The article below will share tips and tricks on how to properly clean your roof.

Avoid Using Sharp Tools

Despite being your home's most important feature, your roof is also a main point of vulnerability. When a home is built great care is taken to make sure the roof will last a long time. Shingles are placed on top of tar and also sometimes plastic. Weather resistant wood is also used. Shingles are typically just nailed to the wood. When debris makes its way on to the roof it has to be removed or it can hasten the damage process. In an attempt to remove the debris many will turn to the usual household tools like a rake or hoe. Using any heavy tools, especially those with sharp points or edges, can damage the roof a lot faster than a bag of leaves. Cleaning a roof should involve using soft tools like a broom.

Avoid Power Washing

Cleaning a roof with a power washer certainly is a fast way to remove leaves, twigs and other foreign bodies. The power washer will also relieve your roof of many of its shingles. The force from the jet of water is usually greater than what the shingles can endure. It is almost as if you are using a power washer to create a miniature storm more reminiscent of a tornado instead of a gentle shower. If you insist on using this kind of tool, then do so on a very low setting. A gentle stream of water is all that is usually needed to remove any accumulated debris on the roof.

Avoid the Build-up of Mildew and Mold

If you ever notice that your roof is becoming brown and discolor, you usually have a mold or mildew problem. All mold and mildew need to grow is a food source, moisture and heat. The roof of your home is the perfect breeding ground. The materials used to attach shingles to the home can be a source of nutrients for mold and mildew. Sweep away whatever evidence you have of their existence and then wash the roof with the correct chemicals to stop them from growing. All you will need is water and a cup of powdered detergent. Use a paint sprayer filled with the solution to wash the shingles. Rinse away the soapy solution with clean water from your garden hose.

Avoid Allowing Snow to Accumulate

If you live in an area that is prone to a lot of snow, removing snow from your roof is important. The weight from the snow can cause collapse and the moisture can cause rotting. Remove it with a soft push broom.