Things To Avoid When Working With Cultured Marble

  • Beginner

Made from resin-and-marble dust, cultured marble is part synthetic, part natural. This material gives the product a marble look as well as incredible durability. Working with cultured marble does require some guidelines.

Keeping Covered

Cultured marble is a very strong substance, but the gloss and finish can scratch pretty easily. When working with cultured marble, keep it covered until the time you set it in place. This will keep dust, tools, dirt, and other things that could damage it off the counter.

Rushing Installation

When cutting the countertop, make sure of your measurements. When positioning the countertop, dry fit before gluing. When working with a shower surround, make sure all obstacles are out of the way. Since cultured marble is a one-piece product, any break, crack, or serious damage will result in you having to buy a new piece. Taking your time will save you both frustration and money.

Working with cultured marble is much like working with any other counter finish; however, you want to take certain precautions when installing or storing it.