Things to Consider When Cutting Stair Stingers

Cutting stair stringers is a fun job that you can do yourself in your home workshop. Doing the job yourself can not only be customizable but can also save you a lot of money that you would spend on hiring a professional to do it. It can be a complicated job though if you start working without the right information regarding measurements and precautions. Use this article to learn about the things to consider when cutting stair stringers for a stable fit and a safe job.


Taking the right measurements for your stair stringers is of paramount importance when building them. You have to take vertical measurements from floor to floor and horizontal measurements to determine how far the stair will be horizontally. Determining the number of steps you want is also very important. You can use existing stairs to get an idea of what measurement is comfortable for you. The size of stairs that you decide on will also influence your decision on what dimension material you will be purchasing for the stringers. Take the measurements of the stair stringers very seriously!


When you have taken the appropriate measurements, it is important to decide where you will be working when cutting the stair stringers. It is recommended that you work in a large area where you can place all your stringer and make cuts on the floor. This way, you can keep measuring and tallying the measurements from the bottom of one step to the top. Safety at the workplace is very important too. While working with stair stringers and cutting them, make sure you have expertise to use the cutting tools. If you are a complete beginner, use help from an experienced friend or try working on small wood projects to gain practice for using cutting tools. Being inexperienced and jumping on a large project like this can cause injury. Also, make sure you have safety equipment at hand at ALL TIMES. Safety goggles and gloves are the most basic safety equipment you can have in your wood-working inventory.

Cutting Stair Stringers

There are several ways you can use to cut and attach stair stringers. The most popular way is to cut one stair stringer and using that stringer to measure and cut the others. You will have to do a fair amount of tracing for this technique to be successful. Doing this correctly and accurately will ensure that all your stringers are the same length and width. This may be difficult to achieve if you make individual cuts for every stair stringer. Also, keep in mind that the technique you wish to use for attaching and fastening the stringers will also influence your cutting. If you wish to attach face boards on your steps too, you will have to cut the stringers a little longer than your actual measurement. Refer to the various ways of cutting stair stringers online if you can. There are various techniques you can use depending on the type of stairs you are building.