Things to Use for Garden Borders

Having tidy garden borders will make any outside space look neat and professional, not to mention protect your flowers from children, dogs and lawnmowers! Here are some suggests for suitable materials.

Natural Stone

Laying natural stone gives a natural look for garden borders, because the uneven sizes and shapes of the stones will create a slightly jagged edge. Aside from being durable, the stones also encourage biodiversity, as they provide a habitat for toads, beetles and other small creatures.

Cast Stone

Ready-prepared materials are ideal for landscaping borders, as they are quick to install and instantly look neat and tidy. Cast stone is available in miniature “fences”, which can be put around the garden borders quickly.

Reclaimed Wood

Recently it has become popular to use reclaimed wood in garden design. Not only is this an environmentally sustainable method of garden edging, but it adds interest to your outdoor spaces. Check out your hardware store or reclamation yard for a variety of sizes and shapes. Old railway sleepers are attractive, sturdy and a perfect height for this job.

Moulded Plastic and Wood

Moulded plastic is probably the cheapest option for garden edging, but may not be the most attractive. You can buy lengths of wooden edging from most hardware stores, but do check that they have been adequately treated to face the elements; otherwise you will find yourself repeating this task in a couple of years.