Thinning Paint For A Paint Gun

Thinning paint for a paint gun is dependent on the specific type of gun you are using. The need to thin paint will be dependent on the air pressure needed, the type of spray tip used and the kind of paint to be applied. It is always a good idea to check with the paint gun manufacturer’s directions. Thinning requirements vary for oil-based versus latex-based paints.


First try thinning your latex-based paint with water. Use it sparingly. If water does not do the job, acquire the paint additive Floetrol or the Thin-x Latex Thinner. Both are available wherever paint is sold. Mix four ounces into a quart of paint at a time and check to see if the mix is effective. Do not use more than eight ounces per quart. Its use will not affect the color of the paint, but may reduce the sheen a bit on gloss paint.


Use the product Penetrol or Red Label Thin-x Paint Thinner when thinning an oil-based paint for a paint gun. Never thin the paint by more than 15 to 20 percent.

Check online for any special bargains when buying paint thinners. Discounts may be available when purchasing paint for your paint gun.