This Season's Top 14 Pool Accessories for Summer Fun

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Summer and swimming pools are synonymous. If lounging, floating, or getting in your laps are essential parts of your to-do list, brush up on this season’s top pool accessories for summer fun.

Every year new products hit the market, making the pool experience a bit different from the year before. This year, get the latest floats, pool supplies, decor, and organizational aids.

When it’s time to cool down, relax, and socialize, make sure you have everything you need for every age and interest. Then enjoy watching the kids and adults celebrate the season.

1. Solar Flamingo Pool Lights

Everyone loves animals. There’s no better way to connect guests with nature than to invite a few flamingos into the pool. These flamingos are solar powered to provide a lasting glow even after the sun goes down.

It’s a two-pack, because everyone needs a partner in the pool, but there’s also a three-pack available. The products are highly rated on Amazon, with nearly 1,600 reviews.

2. Floating LED Speakers

Gone are the days of setting up an extensive outdoor stereo system or protecting the portable speaker from pool splashes. Now you can incorporate the sounds of your favorite artists right into the center of the party with floating speakers.

With the advancement of Bluetooth, music is readily available to set the right tone, whether it’s a raucous water volleyball tournament or a spa-like serene float. There are many companies and products that offer floating speakers, so the deciding factor might come down to the LED lighting features they provide.

Check out the color and setting options to find the right vibe for you.

One option is this popular KingSom waterproof floating speaker, which features two designs in four color options. These speakers come with a one-year warranty and an average 4.5-star rating from customers.

smiling woman and man holding pizza slice shaped pool float

3. Food-themed Pool Floats

Swim parties and food go hand in hand. While the grill emanates enticing aromas, inspire gustation with visual representations floating all around.

Food-themed pool floats are breaking the mold of swans, chairs, and rings. We are seeing tons of inflatable pizza slices, pretzel rings, hot dogs... and the list goes on. These pool floats are not only fun additions to your pool accessory collection but also great summer BBQ food inspiration!

Go for this ice cream sandwich (with a bite removed to show just how irresistible they are), or sink your teeth into this 7 1/2 Ft Bacon Pool Raft.

4. Floating Bar

We say bar, you say drink holder. Regardless of how you define it, keep your food and drinks close with a floating table and needed accessories. Deck it out with a bottle opener, corkscrew, and a napkin or two. Also provide a place for waste so you don’t end up with trash in the pool.

Check out this Polar Whale Large Floating Bar Table Serving Buffet. It’s available in three sizes and features drink holders in each corner, in addition to a table space in the middle.

It will hold ice to keep beverages cold so you can set up an entire bar and mix drinks mid-pool. Or you can use the table to lay out a food spread and picnic while you soak.

You also keep it simple with this cooler and drink holder. Blow it up, fill with ice, add drinks, toss in an opener if needed, and boom--instant bar. It’s a multi-purpose option so you can tie it on to a kayak or raft for a river float or bring it to the lake.

This floating tray provides spaces for cell phones and even features tray handles like the ones inside your house. It’s a smaller option for a smaller pool or for individual use. However, it has space for a few drinks, food, and the all-necessary entertainment devices.

Need we say anymore? Gone are the days of jumping out of the pool to top up your tipple of choice.

5. Floating Games

Look, we all know the pool is fun, as are poolside games. The only thing that makes the scenario better is combining the two activities into one. After all, once you have the lighted decorations, waterproof speakers floating by, and food and drink at the ready, who wants to get out of the pool?

Are you the long-standing beer pong champion? If so, defend your title with this GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable. Of course, for the littles in can provide hours of entertainment with root beer instead.

According to Amazon, it provides the educational aspects of “Numeracy & Spacial Awareness,” so how can you go wrong? (insert dry humor/eye roll emoji here).

The similar design of the Jasonwell Beer Pong Pool Float takes the convenience up a notch with a built-in cooler you can fill with ice and keep drinks cold.

Either of these beer-pong-themed rafts can be used for casual floating when the games come to an end.

For the land lovers who still want to engage with pool time, set up this SwimWays Pro-Chip Spring Golf Floating Pool Game and let the games begin. Practice hitting the green from all areas around the pool, adding to the challenge as the target floats away.

Kids and adults will both find it challenging to resist the urge to engage with this Floating Basketball Hoop and Inflatable Cross Ring Toss Pool Set. Just what it sounds like, you can practice alone or wager a bet on who’s retrieving the next round of beverages.

With a similar design, you can also bet on this GoSports Splash Pass Pool Football Game. We’ll leave it up to you to set the rules regarding allowable tackles, fumbles, and fouls.

While you may already have a portable or permanent cornhole set in use on land nearby, bring the game into the pool with this iGeeKid 36" Inflatable Pool Cornhole Set Toss Game. We don’t want things to be too stressful here. Fortunately this game is easy to set up and even easier to play.

6. Organizational Tools

Chillin’ in the pool is a relaxing experience, but you also want it to be a safe one. That means reducing tripping hazards and properly storing chemicals away from children and pets.

Start with this simple Gray Bunny Pool Pole Hanger. Mount it to the pool house, shed, fence, or side of the home. With a quick attachment, these hooks can house your poles for nets, cleaning brushes, hoses, and other accessories so they’re not lying around on the deck or leaning up against a wall nearby.

Also avoid towels draped across every surface with an Adjustable Pool & Patio Towel Rack Stand. Not only does it provide bars to hang towels, but clips keep them in place on windy days.

A tray at the top provides room to place the sunscreen, as well as jewelry, sunglasses, keys, phones, and other items.

When it comes to maintaining a pool, getting the proper balance of chemicals requires a bit of know-how and some dedicated effort.

Once tested and ready for swimmers, ensure the chemicals are safely locked away in something like this SereneLife Locking Storage Container Bin, which offers a 21-gallon capacity, carrying handles, and a four-digit lock.

In addition to locking bins or shelving units for chemicals, you’ll need cover for other pool accessories when they’re not in use.

Invest in a pool clutter management system—otherwise known as bins. No, they're not the most glamorous item on this list of must-haves, but they sure are a necessity for keeping your entire pool area clean and serene at all times—apart from when occupied, of course!

woman reclining on pool noodle in pool

7. Pool Noodles

Pool noodles act with both function and fun. They can contribute to your ab workout when used as a foot or headrest in the water, make amazing battle wands in the pool or on land, and of course, belong in the supply kit of any serious crafter.

But even the traditional pool noodle has seen upgrades in recent years. Look for designs that light up to keep the fun ‘glowing’ after the sun goes down.

8. Animal Pool Floats

We mentioned the food-themed pool floats already, but if you're not much of a foodie, we have the perfect alternative pool float for you. Say "hello" to the Pegasus pool float!

This pool accessory can make you feel like Poseidon, God of the Seam, as you float around on one of the most popular creatures of Greek mythology, all while catching a killer tan—fancy that!

If a pegasus doesn’t draw you in, check out this irresistible T-Rex, or let the kids reign in a mammoth ocean beast with these Inflatable Animals Sharks. For something more domesticated, bring in a Rooster Inflatable Swimming Pool Party Float or GoFloats Buddy The Dog Party Tube Inflatable Raft.

9. Citronella Floating Pool Candles

If you're seeking ambiance over entertainment, don’t overlook the calming effects of floating pool candles. These can be enjoyed during an evening float or used to set the tone for a backyard gathering after everyone leaves the pool.

Oversized citronella pool candles instead make a statement from the land or in the water as everyone is drawn to the flame. The warm glow and a soothing citronella scent keep creepy crawlies at bay, helping to clear the air of mosquitos.

10. Lounge Chairs

Sometimes just being near the pool is the best part of the experience. Make it a comfortable one with lounge chairs that cater to the occasion. Look for chairs that are wide and long enough and feature fabrics that are water and fade-resistant.

The best lounge chairs for use near the pool allow water to seep through during after-swim drip and dry times. You also want your chairs to lie mostly or completely flat for sunbathing. The surface should be breathable to help the user keep cool on hot days.

Seek out something like this VICTONE Three-Piece Patio Chaise Lounge Chairs Set, which is available in red, blue, or beige to match any backyard decor theme.

smiling woman in glasses on floating pool hammock

11. Water Hammock

They are just as relaxing in the water as they are on land, and you don’t have to find a tree to hang them from. Water hammocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all built to provide a supportive sling for water lounging.

One such example is these 4-in-1 Inflatable Pool Hammocks. While you can get a pool hammock that solidly serves the hammock purpose, these products allow you to use them in multiple ways.

Sit on it like a saddle, sit up in a chair, or use it as support as you paddle around on your stomach.

12. Pool Signs

Set a frolicking tone, beachy vibe, or adults-only theme with some fun pool signage. Direct visitors to the pool with an arrow sign that lights up, runs on solar power, or simply makes a statement with words.

While nobody likes being expected to follow rules, this Putuo Decor Pool Rules Sign makes it a lot easier to abide by recommended guidelines such as laugh, sip a cold beverage, and have a good time.

When the mood shifts later in the day, promote freedom with this No Swimsuits After Dark sign. The durable metal is easy to hang and sends a message. Whether your guests decide to obey the rules is out of our hands.

13. Solar Sun Squares

Rather than just insulating your pool, solar sun squares actually heat it by magnifying the warmth of the sun’s rays. They can be used in above-ground or in-ground pools and come in squares that measure around five by five feet. Scatter them across the surface to warm the pool when not in use, and remove them when the party begins.

14. Fountains and Slides

Since we’re basically talking about a large water feature here, embellish it with the same appeal as a yard or pond fountain. Place a water-spraying fountain at one end or the other, or center it to provide an even spray floaters can enjoy.

Take the pool pleasure to a new level with a pool slide. There are numerous options, shapes, colors, and designs to choose from, so select one that works with your space and preferences.

Before the fun begins, read this refresher on Swimming Pool Maintenance and Seasonal Care and review How to Raise Swimming Pool pH.