Three Bathroom Faucet Parts And What They Do

Depending on the type of bathroom appliance you are outfitting, you will find several different types of bathroom faucet parts. Generally, there are three different purposes for faucets in the bathroom, each with different parts.


Faucets for the bathroom sink come in several different styles according to the vanity top you have. Centerset faucets are constructed so that the hot and cold water handles and the center spout are all a single piece. This is usually the most inexpensive and common type of sink faucet.

Widespread faucets also have separate hot and cold water handles along with a center spout, but all 3 pieces are attached to the vanity top separately. Styles can be more creative because of the extra space between pieces.

Single handle faucets consist of one handle attached to the rear of the water spout. Hot or cold water is controlled by turning the handle to the left or right accordingly.


Bathtub faucets come in tub/shower combinations or tub-only models.

Tub/shower combinations typically consist of either a single handle or double handles, a shower head and a tub spout with some type of lever on it that allows the user to switch between the tub faucet and the shower head.

Tub-only faucets can be centerset, widespread or single handle.


Shower faucets, like bathtub faucets, come in a tub/shower combination or shower-only versions. The shower-only version usually has a shower head and a single handle, but there are two-handled versions available as well. Shower heads vary and can include several options for different kinds of spray.