Three Common Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements bring a touch of nature’s beauty indoors and can highlight accent colors of any room.

Simple and Sweet

A tried-and-true floral arrangement involves a single bloom with a stem, 3 stems of full green leaves and a narrow vase ranging from 6 to 12 inches in height. The best flowers for this type of arrangement have large blooms, like Stargazer lillies, roses or peonies.

Fill your vase about halfway full of fresh water. Measure your flower stem against the vae. Your flower should eventually rise above the rim of the vase anywhere from ½ to double the height of the vase. Trim just a little at a time from the bottom to desired height and place in vase.

Your 3 stems of greenery (try seasonal greenery, like holly during the winter holidays or baby's breath in the spring) should be trimmed of any growth that may get submerged in the water. Place your greenery in a triangle shape around the flower. This not only keeps the flower from falling forward, but it looks balanced and attractive at the same time. Trim the tips of the greenery should it extend too far visually beyond the base of the vase.

Modern Classic

A modern, fresh floral arrangement can be made in minutes. First, locate an oblong or box-shape container—preferably clear glass for a more dramatic look. Choose flowers that have full heads and thicker stems such as calla lilies or daffodils. Next, remove any leaves from your flowers that may get submerged in the water.

Measure your flower against the height of the container. You want the heads of the flowers to peek out over the top of the container with just a little stem showing. Your goal is to pack in enough flowers that they line up vertically in the container. Think of toy soldiers with the “soldiers’ helmets” (the blooms) relatively even above the top of the container.

Go Float

For dinner parties, or just a special family meal, a super-easy option is to float multiple blooms (consider roses, day lilies, gardenias) in a glass serving bowl or an oversized cognac glass to use as the table centerpiece.

Alternatively, place one single bloom each in small vases, palm-size bowls or even collectibles like antique tea cups. Position at the top of each place setting for an elegant look. Remember to trim stems up to the base of each blossom.